Carpet Cleaning

We can clean carpets and upholstery using the hot water spray extraction method. We feel this is the best method of cleaning at the moment as all the stain removers are water based and therefore after doing their cleaning job through a powerful water jet it is instantly followed by a very strong vacuum which has the effect of diluting the chemical’s, removing the dirt and the water all in one process. A slight residue which is left dries within an hour or two and is part of the cleaning process. During this drying period the optical brighteners within the chemical bring out the natural colours of the carpet and help to stop re-soiling. 


After cleaning you will find a yearly service for domestic customers and every six months for commercial customers (depending on foot traffic), will keep the carpets and upholstery in good order. During the year you may have small spillages that stain even if cleaned quickly, we recommend a protective spray that repels liquids and allows you to clean with mild soapy water.


We can also spray a fire retardant liquid on curtains and upholstery; this will not make items fire proof but can provided valuable minutes in an emergency evacuation.


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cheshire industrial carpet cleaning before & after Carpet Cleaning