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High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

We use two types of high-pressure water jetting.

  • Cold water jetting
  • Hot water jetting (sometimes known as steam cleaning)


Hot water is excellent for removing oil and grease from any surface, floors of a garage, under a lorry, or any greasy problem.

We can also clean all types of areas for safety, items like exteriors stairs or walkways.

Slips, trips and falls are commonly one of the top workplace accidents.


Sanitation of surfaces is now also becoming very important for hygiene concerns.


An example of this would be the inside of a 40ft food lorry trailer, we would first clean the trailer with a de-greaser if required then use a cleaning sanitizer which can help reduce cross contamination from a previous load.


The food industry can benefit from modern pressure wash sanitation, this is often a much better and more efficient way, than by scrubbing and disinfecting by hand this can take a lot longer to clean and is not as effective.


Cold water is also of great benefit because the water is not heated therefore more gallons per minute can be pumped at higher pressures.


An example of this is where Walls need to be cleaned to remove graffiti, paint etc. bringing the brick or stone back to a clean condition without the dust problems.


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